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Yellow Lab

Meet Buddy, the Yellow Labrador

The Yellow Labrador, Belle's Winning Tradition, or "Buddy", is a wonderful example of a true multi-purpose LabradorRetriever. Bred by John and Anita Hunt of Belle's Labradors, Buddy adheres to the AKC breed standard for Labradors, while retaining the drive of a field dog. Buddy, like his sire Tad (Ch. Belle Tradition O'Broad Reach, M.H.) shows you can have beauty and performance in the same dog. Don't forget to visit the Yellow Lab on Flickr, the Yellow Lab on Myspace, or join this Yellow Lab Group!

The Yellow Lab is on Flickr!

Visit Buddy's Yellow Lab Flickr account to see some great Yellow Lab Photos.

Buddy Passes AKC Junior Hunt Test!

Introducing Belle's Winning Tradition, JH! Buddy successfully completed the AKC Junior Hunt Test. Click here to see the Yellow Lab in action!

Multi-Purpose Labrador Retriever

What is a multi-purpose Labrador Retriever? In short, a multi-purpose Lab is willing to do whatever you want it to do. Whether the job is picking up ducks in the icy waters of a frozen pond, flawlessly performing almost one hundred different commands as a companion for the handicapped, playing with the kids for hours, or laying quietly on the floor at your feet while you work, the true multi-purpose Lab does it all exceedingly well. And the wonderful dog described here is the dog John and Anita Hunt of Belle's Labradors strives to breed. I believe it's the dog they have already bred. Buddy's father, Tad, is one of less than forty Labs ever to become an AKC breed champion and an AKC Master Hunter.

Yellow Lab Puppy Photos See Buddy from his very first day with me. I got him almost 8 weeks to the day after he was born. He walked and acted like he had always been here, and like he owned the joint. From the very beginning, he would walk into a "stack" every time he stopped . . . he think's he's already a champion labrador.

The Yellow Lab Gets Older - Pictures Buddy gets a few months under his belt, and gets to experience holiday with the family. I think he especially liked Christmas with the kids, labradors love kids. At Christmas he got to wear reindeer antlers. Have you ever seen a yellow lab wearing reindeer antlers? Pretty funny.

Yellow Lab Around Town Lake in Austin One of Buddy's favorite events is to go play with all the other dogs at Town Lake in Austin. He is learning continuously and he keeps developing. He is really turning into a beautiful example of a Yellow Labrador. His head is big and square, just like a Labrador head should be.

Buddy Begins Retriever Training Buddy began retriever training at Triple Crown Retrievers on January 3, 2006. At only 5 months old, he was young but eager, and has been coming along spectacularly. One trainer said "he's better at force fetch than any dog I've worked with". He loves his gun dog training class, but then again, what's not to love? I wouldn't mind spending every day out in the country by a beautiful lake either.

Yellow Lab's First Time Swimming Buddy can swim. He has been able to swim since about 4 months. He just doesn't know he can swim. Until now, if he "fell" in, he swam back to shore just fine, but today he went in after a stick, by himself . . . swimming to it, and swimming back. It's great to see a Labrador learn to swim for the first time.


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